​LF Gents
Much care is given in the selection of each male used at Loblolly Farms. Temperament and conformation are of utmost importance in a good male.  Both are strongly considered before using them in our program.  It is our goal to have loving, loyal companions who enjoy working on the farm.
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LC VICTOR of Loblolly Farms

SCAMPER of Loblolly Farms
SC Rowdy of Loblolly Farms
aka. Linguini
Linguini is our first AKC Champion male.  He is on his way to Grand Champion status.  Linguini is a natural in the show ring.  He loves every moment spent being shown! Linguini has a wonderful disposition.  He is definitely an all-around favorite! PLL and SCA clear.  Beautiful both inside and out!
Victor proudly comes to us from Lacy C Ranch.  He is son of Irish Champion Comeragh Sofiel (aka. Slim).  Victor not only adds great conformation to his pups, he also adds exceptional temperament.  He is PLL and SCA clear.
TRUFFLE of Loblolly Farms
Scamper is a gorgeous boy who was born right here at Loblolly Farms. He is son of my parents' beautiful broken coat female Biskit and rough coat male Tracker.  So happy to still have bloodlines that were introduced by my sweet parents.  Scamper is a sweet boy!  Can hardly wait to see pups he will produce.   
Rowdy is a short, stocky smooth coat male who came to us from Snow Creek Kennels in LA.  Rowdy's pups are short and stocky as he is.  He has a sweet, docile temperament as well which makes him a great addition to our breeding program. We are anxious to watch his pups mature and see his future little ones.
Truffle is our first chocolate Hunt Terrier that we introduced to Loblolly Farms. Hilde Dekkers with BlackChocolateTan produced him and we imported him from the Netherlands.  He is PLL and SCA clear.  We are so thankful to have Truffle! He is as sweet as his name implies.  Truffle does not have a mean bone in his body.