LF Ladies
Special consideration has been given to each female who is introduced to the Loblolly Farms breeding program.  Only the best bloodlines are used so that the precious, past genetics are preserved.  We are excited to have a diversified program. Loblolly Farms has the English Shorty Jack Russell Terriers, the American Hunt Terrier, and a few choice AKC Russell Terriers that have champion bloodlines.  Each LF lady must have a sweet, docile demeanor.  It is of great importance that each female gets along with other dogs and is pleasant toward children and others.  We also diligently strive to have the best conformation possible.  We are currently performing DNA tests on each dog as we are seeking to ensure that each pup adopted enjoys a happy, healthy long life. Below are pictures of our ladies of Loblolly Farms.  Please feel free to click on any of the photos to open another page that gives more information about each female. 

Loblolly Farms
English Jack Russells and Hunt Terriers
Home of the Cutest Little Working Shorties in East Texas
Preserving Yesterday for Tomorrow
Honey Bear
LF Rough/Broken Coat Ladies
LF Smooth Coat Ladies
LF Hunt Terrier Ladies
Sugar Baby